Who is royterdw


Welcome and thank you for dropping by my Twitter landing page. Here you can learn more about me and how I use Twitter.

My name is Darrell and I live outside of Manchester, New Hampshire. I work in IT as a Help Desk Administrator.

Who Do I Follow on Twitter?

While I don’t have a strong policy on whom I choose to follow, I tend to follow users based on a few principal reasons.

  • The person is someone I know well
  • The account belongs to someone who interests me through their work or their ideas
  • The account belongs to a company or organization that I like to receive the latest news from

What I Tweet About

Some of the things that I tweet about are:

  • My progress playing the online game urbandead
  • Links to news articles and sites of interest
  • New things I’ve learned on-and-off the job
  • Answers to questions that people post

Recent Entries